332 (7/31/12) To the 405 I go

Edmond, I’m coming for you. Hopefully to see how many hours  have left until graduation if I choose you. Surprisingly you require the least amount of hours.

331 (7/30/12) Ball So Hard Fellow Athletes Wanna Find Me

Gym Gym Gym

330 (7/29/12)

So much Kingdom Hearts 2 today.

329 (7/28/12) 

Coloumusic at Free Tulsa rocked it

326 (7/25/12) Olympics 2012

Soooooo Epic.

326 (7/25/12)

I spent most of the day watching BB season 4. It’s just to good to watch only one episode. And after a couple of months I finally shaved the epicness of my beard off. 

326 (7/25/12)

Ohhhhh Ted :(

At least I got to hangout with a plethora pf peoples. People like Dambrosso, Katie, Vincent,  Austing, and Justin.

325 (7/24/12)

Hittin that gym yet again.

324 (7/23/12)

Time to loose all that surgery weight. Let’s do this!

323 (7/22/12) 

Dambrosso is amazing for having this, and getting me hooked back on it!